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Basic Information

Name: FarmersMatch
Slogan: Make Dating Easier for Country Singles
Release Date: May 13, 2016
Apple Store Link:
Google Play Link:
Founder: Derek Ma

The Story of Derek

Derek had been working for a niche dating service for over 6 years. At heart, however, Derek is a country guy. Derek grew up on a farm and continues to enjoy rural life and country values. Naturally, his dream is to meet a great country girl. Of course, living in a city, this is difficult, and that’s why Derek started to explore dating apps for farmers. What he soon discovered is that none of the apps work. While some are not well-designed, others have annoying third-party ads or are plagued by crashes and glitches. But don’t country singles deserve a great dating app too? Derek recognized this need and within five months, FarmersMatch was born and launched on Apple Store.


Spark: Swipe left to pass on a potential match and right to indicate a good match and then wait to see if the sparks start to fly!

Chat: Whenever two country singles swipe right, the system activates the chat feature. With FarmersMatch’s chat feature, country singles can share information about themselves and their lives, exchange ideas and get to know each other better.

Moments: Everyone loves to share great moments and status updates but perhaps, especially when they are falling in love. With FarmersMatch’s moments feature, country singles can share their very best moments and celebrate these moments with other members.

How it Works

With FarmersMatch, living in a rural area doesn’t need to be lonely. Now, you can search through thousands of profiles of other country singles. That’s right – FarmersMatch was designed to respond to the needs and values of country singles, and that’s what makes it the premium dating app just for farmers, ranchers, cowboys, animal lovers, people who live in the country, and anyone else who shares country folks’ traditional and down-to-earth values. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Just swipe left to pass and swipe right when you see a good match. To help you narrow your search, FarmersMatch has developed filters that can even help you prescreen the profiles you see on your screen. Whether you’re just looking to chat or looking to meet up and begin a long-term relationship, the app is designed to help you find that special someone who shares your country values and lifestyle.

The Purpose of FarmersMatch

The purpose of FarmersMatch is to make dating easier for farmers and other country singles. The app is constantly updated to make it as user friendly, attractive, easy to use and navigate as possible. Most importantly, we are always striving to make FarmersMatch the best place for farmers, ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls and other country singles or animal lovers to meet and chat.

What Makes Farmers Dating to Be Difficult?

When you live in a rural area, meeting people can be a challenge. Generally, farmers live in small communities where everybody already knows everybody. Let’s face it, the sparks don’t always fly with people you’ve known all your life.

Also, it’s not New York where you might find 10,000 people within three blocks. In many rural areas, there are three people every 10 miles. Dating is a whole different ballgame.

Another issue is time. Ranchers and farmers are busy. On a ranch or farm, there’s always something that needs to be done or get fixed. And most ranchers and farmers have to be on 24/7 all year round.

It’s not a surprise then that when country singles go on to big dating app like Tinder, OkCupid and Match, they all too often just encounter people who don’t understand or appreciate their lifestyle. That’s the FarmersMatch difference!

Why Did We Release FarmersMatch?

Today, nearly all rural areas finally have access to high-speed Internet. Moreover, the percentage of country people using mobile technology goes up a percent every month.

Most ranchers and farmers aren’t working on computers every day like their urban-dwelling counterparts, but most do have smartphones and with smartphones, rural singles are increasingly turning to online dating.

There are other dating apps for farmers and country singles, but these apps are not well designed, cluttered with third-party ads and have few members. FarmersMatch offers what these other apps have yet to do an easy-to-use, intuitive and active dating app designed just for country singles.

How Does FarmersMatch Make Dating Easier for Country Singles?

First, joining is easy. Just input your basic information, including your gender, age, region, email address and a photo. Then, you’re able to discover new people and chat with other country singles. FarmersMatch will never request any additional information that users do not want to disclose.

Unlike many other apps or dating websites, users do not need to perform a search and pick the potential matches by themselves. On FarmersMatch, ideal matches are automatically generated on the Spark page.

After signing up, users just need to swipe to like or dislike recommended matches. If you’re matched with or messaged by other members, FarmersMatch lets you know.

With FarmersMatch and a smartphone, country single can can meet potential partners any where and any time. Whether you’re in your truck, on a tractor or on a horse, you can be scrolling through potential matches. Who knows? You may even meet your future partner in life!

Finally, FarmersMatch is 100% no scammers and spammers. We hate them as much as anyone else. All profiles will not be active until we have approved them. Scammers are removed immediately. In addition, users are able to report fake profiles to us. Each day, FarmersMatch removes any new members that have been confirmed as fake users. That’s how we guarantee that all the members on our app are authentic country singles.

Contact Information

If you need more information or details of FarmersMatch, feel free to contact us at