Make Dating Easier For Country Singles

FarmersMatch – #1 Dating App for Farmers and Country Singles!

Finding love in rural areas shouldn’t be complicated. FarmersMatch is designed to help you make connections and see sparks fly, through an easy and intuitive process. We know that your life is busy enough without learning the ins and outs of a complex app, which is why we’ve built FarmersMatch to be as simple as can be.

Founded in May 2016, in Silicon Valley, by Derek who is a country lover. FarmersMatch has managed to do something that very few dating apps today do: We maintain an equal ratio of men and women users since the beginning. We currently have more than 300,000 active users – 51% women, 49% men. And since FarmersMatch was founded in May 2016, we have seen over 1,000,000 matches happen for country singles all over the world!

Just fill out a brief profile and get started browsing other country singles. You can view potential matches that are near your location, or cast your net far and wide to see who might be out there. A simple swipe function lets you swipe right on profiles you think are a good match, and left on profiles to pass. If a profile you liked swipes right on you, you’ve got a Spark! The app will automatically start a private Chat feature for the two of you, and you can take it from there.

This app is only for those who live and breathe country life. If you are a farmer, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher, or just a big fan of wide open spaces and the simple things in life, this app is where you’ll meet like-minded singles. FarmersMatch will even help you break the ice by recommending a few potential matches for you based on your filters.

The Thinking Behind the App

FarmersMatch was founded because we want to make dating easier for farmers and country singles who may not be interested in using all the latest technology. We know that your life is busy with hard work and long days, so we developed our app to fit into your lifestyle. When designing this app, FarmersMatch were very mindful of the fact that not every rural worker / resident is a bang up-to-date technocrat. That is why FarmersMatch primarily operates by the user simply swiping the photographs and details on screen either to the left or to the right, depending on how they feel about what they see and to put it very simply, if the swiper and the swipe happen like each other – it’s a match!

FarmersMatch Dating App

When our founder started out trying to find an app to use himself, he was also unimpressed with how many dating apps were filled with spammers, auto-bots, and clunky advertisements. At FarmersMatch, we are committed to regular sweeps of the system to ensure that you never get bombarded with spam from fake accounts.

In only one year of operation, we have become the #1 app for country singles. So why do we say that FarmersMatch is the best dating app for farmers? It is because it totally removes all the embarrassment of protracted email conversations with the great benefit of the fact that it has been exclusively designed for farmers, ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls or other rural singles and people who want to meet country singles.

As you probably gather, the focus is on those who live in wide-open spaces!

In order to make the job even easier, FarmersMatch will even recommend potential matches based on your filter criteria and if you both like each other, there is an integral message system to start chatting with your potential date immediately! This app will do most of the preliminary work for you and will even notify you when you get messages from admirers or if you are matched with someone – all you have to do is ‘turn up’ by registering. We guarantee your privacy, because all transactions are completed only on a first name basis, which means that you don’t have to give your surname or address until you are ready to do so.

Our Team

Our founder, Derek Ma, started FarmersMatch out of Silicon Valley in the May of 2016, after growing tired of trying to find someone who shared his background as a country lover. Derek has more than 6 years of experience helping others find love through online dating website.

Through both his love of rural areas, and his experience with online dating from both ends, Derek has been able to target what users truly need in a dating app. Making connections should be easy and fun, which is why Derek designed FarmersMatch with just a few simple functions and nothing more.

FarmersMatch is Free to Join

The FarmersMatch app is free to join. You can set up your profile and browse other profiles completely for free. Upgrade within the app to unlock features such as Spark or Match. You can also receive mobile notifications whenever you get a message, or if you are mutually matched with someone.

Never worry about sorting through the endless profiles of city dwellers who just don’t “get” your way of life. This app was designed for those who appreciate the magic of living in rural areas, just like you.

We are always updating the system with improvements to ensure the best experience, but that doesn’t mean we change everything on you all the time. This simple-to-use app is always waiting to help you find the connection you’ve been seeking.

FarmersMatch is at your fingertips!